Today’s post is by a guest author, Con-Tester, who has been exposing irrationality and dishonesty, whenever and wherever encountered, for many years. It was initially submitted as a comment on this post.




It seems to me that cretinists’ clamouring for respect is fundamentally, profoundly and irreparably depraved, and that this wanton immorality provides more than sufficient warrant to ridicule and to deride it wherever it is found. There are several reasons why I think cretinism is essentially iniquitous, and why it is a moral necessity to oppose it through ridicule and scorn wherever it sticks up its duplicitous head. While there is little doubt that this is a polarising tactic, I think it’s a necessary one.


First, there is the searing arrogance, the blistering conceit, of those semiliterate and woefully innumerate imbeciles, usually just barely capable of operating an Internet connection, who think that their malformed, outmoded, juvenile, retarded and intellectually bankrupt distortions actually present some kind of serious challenge to the extensive body of established science they view as a threat to their delusions. Their vulgar vanity is compounded further by a mulish refusal to educate themselves properly first. Catchphrases and fantasies are their currency which they trade on a market of deceptions.


Second, they would poison and hobble children’s minds with their festering dung. More particularly, it is no less than lying by omission to ignore facts and evidence when they dispute your worldview. These ludicrous and incessant attacks on biological evolution by the godiots are motivated by one simple factor: Evolution denies humans their specialness as the unique creation of an imaginary skydaddy, a humbling reality that godiots can’t stomach, and so they’ll dodge it any way they can. They disguise their obtuseness with meaningless jabber and infect children with the idea that it’s a virtue to lie in order to preserve a pacifying absurdity.


Third, their magical thinking is incompatible with a technological society. You can’t invent, design, operate or produce anything just by praying for it. You have to face the hard reality that reality is hard and impervious to how you wish things were. That is, you have to align your thinking and behaviour with reality because reality will soon fuck you up if you don’t. To promote the idea that comforting fables not only can replace reality, but must do so, is the pinnacle of smug, egomaniacal narcissism.


Fourth and closely related to the previous point, there’s the inherent idea that reality must bow to their wishes. It’s a badly warped mentality that believes that simply by disbelieving it, an uncomfortable reality will just go away and become something more agreeable.


Fifth, there’s the cretinists’ incessant subversion of facts, evidence and reason towards some purportedly “nobler” cause. But there’s no nobility in lying, even unconscious lying, and so they act in self-contradictory ways. There’s no nobility in intellectual cowardice either, and so it is repugnant that they continue to cling to irrational and unsustainable bunkum well after it has overwhelmingly been shown to be irrational and unsustainable bunkum. How is such obnoxious pig-headedness worthy of anything other than disparagement and mockery?


Sixth, an examination of the more radical proponents of this self-serving baloney soon reveals that what they’re really after is the control of others. They want a theocracy, most especially one with themselves at the helm. They would eagerly strip you of all manner of rights and freedoms in pursuit of this fevered dream because, after all, the voice echoing in their vacuous skulls must be obeyed at all costs.


Finally, their sheer number is an outrage in this day and age of readily accessible information. If they were few, they could safely be ignored as largely irrelevant Luddites. But there are drooling hordes of them, all armed to the gills with buckets of blusterous indignation, craniums brimming with defective cognition, carrying Dunning-Kruger shields, and intent on slaughtering our hard-won Enlightenment values for the sake of a Bronze Age superstition.


These people aren’t just stupid, closed-minded and ignorant. They are dangerously, selectively, dishonestly and recklessly so, constituting a significant obstacle to humanity’s progress and future, quite possibly a ruinous one. And simply disregarding an obvious crime-in-progress is itself a crime.


When, as usual, a more amiable approach fails, we have a moral duty to heckle and scoff at these antiquated idiots — as per the following video, which echoes several of the above points a bit more, er, viscerally.